Your organisation has a number of communication channels for interacting with employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners.

SMS can be an effective and economical way of reaching a large group of people quickly with short, targeted messages that are likely to be seen and read quickly. For this reason, smart businesses integrate SMS communications with other channels.

IS SMS allows companies of any size to create, deliver and monitor high volumes of SMSs to the right people using our secure, high-performance bulk SMS platform.

Manage and monitor messages effectively

Safe sending with real-time reporting

Go beyond a simple SMS

SMS marketing has evolved in many ways and now offers businesses a cost-effective and direct way to interact with customers and employees alike.

IS SMS can be used for a wide range of business features, from everyday activities such as authenticating transactions (for example, with one-time PINs), confirmations (such as a password change) or reminders of important information.

An SMS doesn’t need to be a one-way conversation, either: you can also use it for more specialised or one-off activities, such as quick surveys or sending promotional links to websites.

Measure effectiveness

There are two challenges when using SMS systems: keeping track of how effective the campaign was, and knowing whether your distribution list is up to date.Without accurate reporting, you could be sending hundreds of messages to invalid numbers or people who shouldn’t be on your list.

Paired with an inability to measure the return of investment on an SMS campaign and you are faced with a problem that affects both your budget and your marketing strategy.

With IS SMS real-time reports, you get detailed information on the effectiveness of the campaign and are able to measure the accuracy of your list. This ensures you can tailor your campaigns for maximum effectivity and minimal wastage.

Stay on top of legislation

IS SMS offers a range of platforms you can use to send and receive SMSs, depending on what your business needs. The more platforms you use, the more you need to stay on top of industry regulations regarding database management, disclaimers and reader consent. Our Bulk Email option provides a spam-complaint management functionality to help you stay in line with electronic communication and marketing legislation. This functionality includes automated list cleansing, bounced email management and proper list segmentation.

Our SafeSender™ feature also ensures that you add a standard opt-out link, or standard text such as an address, copyright or disclaimer, to be included in all emails.

One management platform, myriad options

Connect with your audience where it matters

From emails to apps: we’ve got you covered

IS SMS is a hosted solution that offers enterprise SMS solutions for all of South Africa’s major SMS providers. This means you enjoy the benefits of a fully managed platform – you don’t have to implement or maintain underlying infrastructure or software – while being able to successfully communicate with a vast audience, countrywide.

There are various options to choose from for sending and receiving messages.

Using email

There are three email-based options available:

  • IS SMS Mail: Routes emails to your employees’ mobile phones in an SMS format, allowing them to read and respond to emails wherever they are. You can also use this to send bulk SMSs via email.
  • IS Outlook SMS: A quick and easy way to send an SMS via Outlook or Excel. Sent SMSs are stored in Outlook’s Sent folder and replies come directly to the sender’s Inbox.
  • IS SMS2Email: Converts SMSs on mobile phones to SMTP format so they can be sent to specified email addresses.

Using the Internet

With IS SMS2HTTP you can receive SMSs via your business app or update and set up any necessary auto replies to senders. All you need is an Internet connection and a code for people to send messages to.

Using an app

With IS SMS AppLink you can use just about any application (such as CRM or ERP) to send an SMS or bulk SMSs. Messages can be automated, personalised and queued according to priority sending.

Broadcast messages

With IS SMS Broadcast you can easily send an SMS to one person, or to a large list (messages can be personalised), by email or by using the web-based IS SMS interface. This means you can set up and send bulk SMSs no matter where you are.

Duty alerts

SMSs can also be used to ensure maximum uptime of important systems. IS SMS Duty Alert routes alert messages from a monitored system to the person on duty (or a backup) and can be triggered by system failures, faults or requests for assistance.

A cost-effective, easy-to-use SMS solution

Minimum effort, maximum control

Create and manage messages easily

With IS SMS, you are in full control of the creation and distribution of messages. Through the self-service portal you can create and send SMSs quickly and easily to your selected audience.

As quick and effective as SMS marketing is, it can easily get out of hand if you don’t keep a close eye on what is being sent and how often. To ensure that you keep track of usage and associated costs, your administrator determines who may access the different services, so you can stay in control of your messaging platform.

A cost-effective, flexible solution

One of the benefits of IS SMS is that you can quickly change and adapt campaigns to suit your various business requirements, helping you manage costs better.

IS SMS has low start-up costs and a predictable monthly fee based on the services you use. You only need to pay a one-off set up fee, followed by a monthly fee for all IS SMS services. It’s as simple as that! The more you send, the more you save, as bulk SMSs are costed on a sliding scale for extra savings.

One portal to reach your entire audience

Using the IS SMS self-service portal means interacting with one, single platform to manage and monitor all SMS campaigns, automated SMSs, and bulk sends. This allows you to reach large audiences with relevant, targeted communication.

All IS SMS services come with 24/7 support to make sure you can stay connected and in contact, no matter where you are.

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