Keeping track of the software licences you have, need, or need to upgrade, can be difficult. On top of that, it’s hard to know if you’re overspending on licences you don’t need, or on licensing models that don’t suit your usage patterns.

But, not complying with the licensing requirements of software vendors can damage your reputation and bottom line.

If you use a hosted service from Internet Solutions, you can put these worries aside. Our Cloud Licensing service helps you choose the right licence for your needs, eliminate unnecessary spending, and stay on top of upgrades with no additional effort.

Instant installation and up-to-date upgrades

Say goodbye to licence management headaches

Instant installation and upgrades of licenced software

Say goodbye to licence management headaches for software on machines you host with us.

With Cloud Licensing, the licensed software you require is installed instantly, by us, and your monthly fee includes upgrades to newer versions – again, managed by us.

With us taking care of your licensing logistics, you can be confident that everything is above board, and that you’re working with the software version you need.

Linux and Microsoft cloud licensing options

Acquiring the necessary software licences for you

A selection of standard licences for Linux and Microsoft software

Cloud Licensing provides a set of standard software licensing options for Internet Solution clients with a dedicated server or virtual hosting solution. If you choose from a standard list of Microsoft or Linux licences to deploy on your servers, we will install and support these licences for you, ensuring your compliance with the respective vendor’s licensing requirements. We’ll also take care of upgrades and renewals, relieving you of this admin burden.

Under the Microsoft Service Provider Licenses Program, Internet Solutions acquires the necessary software licences for you, and becomes the official holder of the licence. These include various Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and MS Office licences.

If you are using Linux software, you can subscribe to a standard set of Linux Enterprise licences, including Redhat, SISE and Zimbra.

Choose the licensing option that suits your requirements

There are two ways to buy and use your software licence: per user, or per CPU.

  • Per user: The Customer Access Licence option requires you to have a licence for each individual user who is authorised to use the software.
  • Per CPU: The Processor Licence option allows an unlimited number of users to use the software that runs on a single, licensed CPU.

We provide support for licensed software

Software licences that are not in the standard set of Microsoft and Linux licences are categorised as non-standard licences. We will source and buy software for you that doesn’t fall under these standard licences, but we only install and support software covered by the standard licences.

No upfront investment, no upgrade costs

Pay each month according to what you use

Shift licensing from a capital expense to an operating expense

Instead of paying for software licences upfront, you pay each month according to what you use – either per user or per processor.

By shifting licensing from being a capital expense to an operating expense, you have the flexibility to control costs by changing the number and type of rented licences you need to meet business needs.

Software upgrades are included in your monthly fee. You can use the most current release and all previous versions of the products covered by you Cloud Licensing service.