In addition to our PBX communication platform and hosted voice services, we offer a range of value added services (VAS) that can help you get even more out of your cloud PBX.

We make it easy for you to move over to our PBX platform by offering Geographic Number Portability, while our Local Number Service will show a local area number when you make international calls.

Call recording in the cloud makes it easy for you to store, find and retrieve recorded conversations. And to help you manage your voice infrastructure – and costs – our Telephone Management System provides detailed reporting and analytics.

Capabilities that go beyond the call

Simplify the management of your telecommunications infrastructure

Manage PBX services across locations from one place

Our Telephone Management System (TMS) is designed to help you simplify the management of your telecommunications infrastructure, and better manage telecoms spend.

Because it collates data from different telcos, including mobile service providers, you get a consolidated and accurate view of voice services usage across all your locations. You can also track budgets and allowances per individual or team. Integration with Active Directory makes it easy to update user and user account information.

Our self-service portal gives you immediate access to monitor, and view detailed reports on, voice traffic over various routes and with different telcos.

You can also automate services and reminders to alert users when they are close to breaching company usage policies, and set qualifiers to curb the number of personal calls a user can make.

To help you get the maximum benefit from this service, we offer a professional consulting service that aims to help you reduce the costs and effort involved in managing your PBX.

Take your phone number with you, wherever you are

With Geographic Number Portability, you get to keep your phone number wherever you are, and have all your voice infrastructure consolidated on a converged voice and data network.

By porting your fixed line numbers to our voice network, geographic location is no longer important, so if you want to move, you can take your number with you. And you have to deal with just one service provider.

Caller line identification (CLI) on inbound calls allows for personalised responses, which boosts your professional image and improves the customer experience.

Run a global business from a local office

Create an international presence from your local office with our Local Number Service. Your clients, partners or suppliers overseas will be able to contact you using a local fixed-line number for their country, and your calls to them will show the same code.

Record and store calls for compliance and quality assurance

Hosted Call Recording is an effective tool for helping you accurately measure performance, improve training and ensure compliance. All calls made over our PBX platform are recorded and securely stored for a defined period. You’ll be able to search for, retrieve and listen to these calls in a few clicks.

Choose the best value added PBX addons for your business

A cloud-based solution that provides detailed analytics

Get detailed reports on your entire telephone system infrastructure

Our Telephone Management System (TMS) is a cloud-based solution that provides detailed analytics on all your telecommunication services, including mobile.

Hosted in our secure data centres, TMS has data-capture devices on site to acquire and collate data from your premises. Think of it as a professional call accounting service that helps you manage your telecommunications infrastructure and spend.

Keep the same number when you transfer

Geographic Number Portability lets you move your existing phone numbers from your existing service provider to our voice network.

Make international calls that show a local number

When you make an international call, the Local Number Service displays a local area code, as if you had a physical presence in that location.

Record conversations and store them in the cloud

Hosted Call Recording records calls made over our voice platform and stores the recordings in the cloud. You can access these recordings easily from our secure self-service portal.

Cost-effective PBX solutions for business growth

No underlying infrastructure or maintenance costs

All our Value Added Voice PBX Services are hosted securely in our data centres, so you don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure or the costs associated with maintaining it.

You can also rest assured that this infrastructure can accommodate the growing size and complexity of communications tools you use, the increased traffic from these tools, and the addition of new users, without compromising on performance.

Your life is made simpler by dealing with just one service provider for a fully managed service, and our self-service portal ensures that you’re in control of the services you use. All services come with 24/7 support.