Wherever it is that you do business, you want to know that your employees and customers can connect and share information with each other, quickly and effectively.

Unfortunately, not every location has the fast, stable connectivity that’s needed to run the advanced unified communication and collaboration tools you may be accustomed to using. Some areas may have unreliable connectivity, others may have no fixed-line infrastructure at all.

VSAT technology offers an alternative connectivity option. With global coverage through a network of satellites, you’ll have uninterrupted connectivity anywhere in the world.

Be in business, anywhere in the world

Maintain productivity and grow your business

Quick, widespread coverage for your customers

VSAT solutions make sense for businesses that operate in different locations or are expanding into new territories, particularly if the infrastructure for connectivity is not reliable in certain areas, or is not available at all.

For organisations expanding into Africa, this can be a particular challenge. Fixed-line infrastructure has yet to keep pace with business growth on the continent, making wireless services such as satellite a practical alternative for supporting your business applications under any circumstances, and in any environment.

VSAT is also better suited to certain industry sectors whose operations are, by nature, in areas that are out of reach for other connectivity options, such as the mining, maritime, and oil and gas industries.

Regardless of where you operate, now and in the future, you’ll have a connectivity system that enables you to maintain productivity and grow your business. Your employees will be able to use advanced, bandwidth-intensive applications, cloud services and converged communication tools without delays, interruptions or breaks in service.

Reliable global connectivity

Ideal for extending connectivity to remote locations

Secure connectivity that extends to every corner of the globe

VSAT, or very small aperture terminal, is an advanced communications technology that uses small, fixed satellite antennas to communicate between a central hub and a number of geographically dispersed sites.

Unlike terrestrial networks such as copper and fibre, there are no physical limitations to deploying VSAT services. Satellites aren’t affected by landscape or distance. They’re also not as vulnerable to cable theft. This makes VSAT satellite solutions ideal for extending connectivity to remote locations, or maintaining business continuity with built-in redundancy and automatic backup.

We design, configure and manage the VSAT service on your behalf. Remote sites are directly linked to our core MPLS network for seamless connectivity. And because the satellite network is already a private network, VSAT is also secure.

VSAT packages for connectivity and business continuity

Whether you’re expanding your business into new countries or simply looking for a way to link employees and customers outside of major metropolitan areas, VSAT is a viable solution for your connectivity requirements. And if you’re not planning to start operations in a new country just yet, VSAT is still a practical option for business continuity.

We offer a variety of VSAT services, including: VSAT Business Enterprise and VSAT Business Continuity. Both provide an enterprise-class satellite service.

VSAT Business Enterprise 

This service provides high-speed, secure connectivity between business locations – even in remote, previously unreachable, areas.

VSAT Business Continuity Services

If your primary communications link goes down and your terrestrial backup systems are also affected, this service offers alternative routing so you can maintain operations by performing a failover to your VSAT link.

Because VSAT is independent of your terrestrial communications network, business continuity won’t be affected by a single point of failure. VSAT can match the instant demands for bandwidth of each site and can handle typical network volumes in an emergency. It’s available anywhere, and can work seamlessly with the rest of your network.

Quick to set up and easy to manage

For places with limited terrestrial infrastructure

A fully managed service

VSAT is quick to set up. It’s ideal for extending connectivity to new locations when you can’t afford to wait for other services.

It can be used on its own, or integrated with your existing (terrestrial) networks. It’s easy to link to new locations, especially in places with limited terrestrial infrastructure – all we have to do is install the equipment and configure bandwidth to the site.

With access to usage reports from our self-service portal, you can keep track of spending and budget more accurately for connectivity costs throughout your enterprise.

VSAT is a fully managed service, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining any of the infrastructure. We also provide 24/7 support for the service.