The Internet is the biggest platform for reaching customers and business partners worldwide. But anything you do online exposes you to a multitude of security risks, from hackers to Trojans and viruses.

These perpetrators of malicious attacks are opportunistic, seeking weaknesses they can exploit to access a backend database, compromise the security of people who use your Web applications, or perform other activities that could result in loss and damage to your organisation.

Vulnerability Scan is an Internet security solution that highlights these weaknesses so you can take action, before it’s too late.

Keep your business and users safe online

Arm yourself with preventative measures

More than just a vulnerability scan

In a digital world where an increasing amount of new security threats are putting your organisation at risk every day, it’s not enough to simply know what your weak spots are – if you know your systems have weaknesses, so will potential attackers. In this case, knowing really is only half the battle and you need to take decisive action if you want to protect your organisation.

Our vulnerability scanner solution not only tests and probes for any security weakness that could lead to a security compromise or breach, it also helps you rectify these so you have the assurance that any Internet-facing systems your organisation uses are secure.

Put your online security first

Vulnerability Scan helps you take the next step after detection – protection.

When it comes to preventing a security breach, forewarned is forearmed – you can only resolve security issues once you know what they are. Detailed and accurate management information and remediation advice enable your risk managers and security officers to take the necessary steps to resolve security gaps, ensuring your online security gets the priority it deserves.

Rest assured that risks have been remedied

Following every vulnerability scan, a detailed report and threat assessment is published on a secure website. You’ll be given a unique logon to the site to view the report, interrogate the scanner and manage the process of addressing any security issues identified. You need to be certain that the security issues you identified and addressed have been remedied before you can continue to operate with peace of mind, which is why you are able to rerun the scan and verify the fix or fixes you have implemented.

Detect security weaknesses before others do

A fully automated threat analysis solution

Automated vulnerability assessment detects online threats

Attackers will always take the easiest way in – they’ll look for weak spots that will help them get in quickly and easily, without being detected, and get out before you can take any action. Any Internet touchpoint can give attackers an entry point into your organisation. Even something as simple as a blog can have security gaps that attackers can exploit. If you don’t know what these gaps are, there is no way you can successfully plug all of them, leaving your organisation, its employees and customers exposed to a growing range of online security risks.

Vulnerability Scan is a fully automated vulnerability assessment that detects threats to any Internet-facing systems you use, from simple websites to complex e-commerce platforms. The system tests for, locates and identifies all known security vulnerabilities.

Unique scanning schedules and business growth

New security vulnerabilities are discovered more frequently than you might think, so it’s vital that this kind of security analysis is performed regularly. You can choose to run these scans regularly, for example, once a week or once a month. Recurring scans are fully automated, so all you have to do is decide how often, and when, they should run, and let Vulnerability Scan do the rest.

As your business grows or new innovative projects are implemented, you might need to change your systems, update your servers or create new sites. Any change to your online network can expose new weaknesses, which is why you have the option of running ad hoc scans whenever these changes occur. This means that you are able to look for weaknesses immediately and resolve any issues before they become real problems, without having to wait for your automated recurring scans.

A fully automated network security solution

Management made easy in the cloud

Leverage our expertise and infrastructure

When it comes to putting the right breach detection resources in place, investing in the infrastructure and expertise needed to monitor your network can become a costly exercise.

Vulnerability Scan is a fully outsourced, managed cloud solution supported by skilled Internet Solutions security engineers. We take care of the underlying infrastructure and ensure high levels of redundancy to provide a service that’s available when you need it, and runs reliably.

Stay in control of your security

Even the most sophisticated detection software won’t be effective if you don’t understand how to use breach detection data to protect your business going forward. While fully automated and recurring scanning takes care of the administration side of things, detailed, interactive reporting helps you stay in control of the threat detection and secure protection of your organisation. It empowers you to take appropriate action to remedy any compromises to your online security.

If you do, however, need extra input and advice, or we provide 24/7 support for Vulnerability Scan.

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