With the consumption of mobile data continually on the rise, it’s clear this is becoming the preferred method of connectivity when compared to conventional fixed-line options.

To meet growing demand, broadband wholesalers are looking to diversify their services by introducing mobile data solutions.

The good news is you don’t have to commit to long-term contracts with large operators to obtain competitive pricing for mobile data solutions such as 3G, 4G and LTE.

With our Wholesale APN solution, you can benefit from a bulk data service that provides access to the Internet or your corporate network over the MTN, Vodacom and Cell C mobile networks, on a usage-based payment model.

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Diversify your product set with mobile data solutions

A future-focused solution to meet growing mobile data needs

Address the needs of mobile-data customers with a single solution

Given the high – and increasing – adoption of smart devices, mobility is now an integral part of any Internet service solution. And because just about all smart devices (tablets, phones and laptops) use mobile data as their primary medium of connectivity, the addressable market is extensive … and growing daily. The needs of yesterday’s fixed-line-connectivity customer are not the same as those of today’s mobile-data customer – and you require a reliable solution to address those new needs.

Wholesale APN (access point name) enables you to develop mobile data products that will help your business remain relevant and competitive. By designing innovative solutions that meet the requirements of customers who want to stay connected, wherever they are, you can act as a single provider of connectivity solutions for their homes, offices and mobile devices. This means your customers can enjoy the benefit of having one provider, one bill, and one point of contact to meet their mobile data needs.

Catering for the customer of tomorrow

It’s no secret that the market is changing: the high adoption of smart devices and mobility forms an integral part of any Internet solution. But, as mobile adoption becomes more advanced, customers are using their mobile data for more than just traditional browsing and communication purposes.

The benefits of Wholesale APN don’t end with its seamless integration and diversified service options: mobility is also a key component and enabler of the Internet of things (IoT) and telemetry services. This means you can use the mobile data solutions provided through Wholesale APN to offer more than just Internet connectivity. Future-focused services include vehicle tracking, sensor monitoring and alerts (temperature, humidity, volume, etc.), meter readers and automation for “smart homes.”

Thanks to our wholesale data solution, you can meet the current requirements of your mobile-data customers while still providing them with a platform to plan for sophisticated applications in the future.

Shared or dedicated mobile network access

Providing customers with a solution that suits them

Choose what you want to offer

If you want to remain relevant in your customers’ eyes, you need to diversify your mobile data offerings and design new solutions that speak to the market’s requirements. You must offer flexible solutions that cater for their specific needs, while doing your best to enable cost savings for them. To give your customers a wider choice at competitive prices, you can offer mobile data services in one of two ways through Wholesale APN (depending on your product offerings):

  • As individual products
  • As a bundled product with DSL and fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services

Using Whole APN puts you in control of the mobile data services you provide. Each SIM for 3G or LTE data is offered on a monthly basis, so there’s minimal risk to your business as there are no long-term commitments on individual SIM cards.

We provide connectivity on the major South African mobile networks and support multiple operators, so your customers are always connected. And you sign just one agreement – with us – which makes things much easier for you to manage.

Network access that is easy to control

An access point name is used to carry data over these extensive mobile networks back into the secure Internet Solutions environment over a wireless device. From here, it will either break out to the Internet or be routed into your private network, depending on the package you have selected:

  • Shared APN: Provides communal, pay-as-you-use access to the Internet over shared infrastructure.
  • Corporate APN: Provides dedicated access to your company’s private network. You have your own APN that runs on dedicated infrastructure.

Control measures like capping and threshold reporting are already in place to prevent the shock of unforeseen high bills at the end of each month. Capping allows you to implement a set mobile data limit to ensure users never exceed the prescribed amount of data available to them, helping you manage your budget better.

Threshold reporting allows you to monitor mobile data usage to help understand data usage and inform your connectivity planning for the future. You can split reporting between inbound and outbound traffic so you can thoroughly monitor mobile data usage and identify where the bulk of your data is being used.

Flexible billing, 24/7 support

Giving you peace of mind to grow your mobile-data portfolio

Billing to suit your budget

When it comes to providing an increasing number of customers with mobile data solutions, exceeding data (and budget) limits can quickly get out of control if you don’t keep a close eye on your bills and reporting. Usage, billing and the provisioning of SIM cards are made easy with our online platform, Mobility Manager. From here, you can also check your current data usage and usage bill, and download reports that help you better manage your service.

In addition to this, you pay only for the data you use, month to month, and our flexible, usage-based billing model promotes and rewards growth through volume discounting.

Added security features for enterprises

Wholesale APN allows enterprises to enable a mobile workforce, which greatly helps boost productivity and efficiency.

But with increased and expanding connection points come increased security risks. With Wholesale APN, enterprises are in control of which employees can use a SIM for 3G or LTE data. Wholesale APN can be integrated in line with security procedures and protocols to ensure that only approved SIM cards can connect to a corporate APN. If a SIM card is compromised (lost or stolen) it can simply be deactivated it to keep the corporate network safe.

Support you can rely on

We know how important it is to keep your customers connected, wherever they are, for whatever they need. Diversifying your product offering to include mobile data solutions can become tricky if you don’t have the right technical teams in place to monitor and manage your network. With Wholesale APN, you don’t have to tackle this alone. Our helpdesk is available 24/7 for technical and support queries, so you and your customers can enjoy maximum uptime with minimal disruptions.

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