The Internet Solutions Wholesale ecosystem enables all service providers of any size and scale to develop and take services to market rapidly over our robust infrastructure.

Our Carrier Private Network (CPN) solution is a clear-channel, carrier-grade OSI Layer 1 connectivity for carriers, network service providers, internet service providers, communication service providers and retailers. It’s built for speed-based performance, with high throughput and low latency of service.

Carrier Private Network (CPN) is a dedicated link that enables you to provide point-to-point connectivity to any location within South Africa, and with submarine cable partners to diverse international points of presence

Secure, dedicated connectivity in a choice of locations

High capacity for high-demand services

Support for local or global business

Whether it’s around the corner or across the globe, CPN can support your network implementation and the flow of application-aware, communication, cloud and multimedia services, and enable you to build the disaster recovery and business continuity for big data that your customers demand.

High capacity for high-demand services

CPN provides connectivity over both protected and unprotected network infrastructure. The capacity and speed of our robust fibre-optic network make it ideal for both global and local service providers looking for carrier-grade physical infrastructure, from network-to-network interface (NNI) connectivity to user network interface (UNI) connectivity.

You can extend your network reach with our industry-leading terrestrial and submarine partners both domestically and internationally, including West Africa Cable System (WACS) and Seacom undersea cable.

Because bandwidth is reserved, CPN offers an exceptionally high quality of service (QoS) and class of service (CoS). Low latency guarantees better performance of voice, video and mission-critical applications, while high uptime ensures you have a reliable connectivity service built with your choice of resiliency and redundancy.

In addition, our architecture provides for diverse transport paths and immediate restoration in the case of outages. When it comes to failover solutions, you can choose a protected service (IS manages your failover risk) or unprotected service (you manage the failover risk).

A choice of speeds and configurations

  • Metro and international speeds offered are STM1/4/16/64
  • National and international speeds offered are 10/40/100GbE,STM64,OTU2,OTU4
  • Other optical transfer network (OTN) speed options are: 1, 2, 2e, 3 and 4.
  • Multiple configurations are available as point-to-point from NNI to UNI
  • You also have a range of diversity, latency and custom routing options
  • Synchronous digital hierarchy interfaces at key Internet solutions points of presence.

Network security and protection

All data is transported over a private-line connection, making this a transparent and secure service. You also have options to protect or unprotect your network, and ensure the high availability and performance of the link state.

Additional benefits include:

  • Carrier-agnostic internetworking
  • Equipment, access, and point of presence (PoP) diversity
  • End-to-end networking with carrier grade of service

A foundation for any connectivity service

Benefit from protocol independence

Deliver fast, high-availability services and applications

CPN enables you to deliver fast, high-availability services and applications using low-latency routes, latency guarantees, and a range of options for custom routing and network designs.

Benefit from protocol independence

CPN provides a physical-layer, capacity-based carrier service built for speed of delivery, high-volume bandwidth and throughput, and with low latency and geographical reach, enabling you to deliver your own services to your customers. It meets the need for a network that has the redundancy and resilience to accommodate high-capacity, high-demand services.

Deliver innovative services anywhere

Our global network coverage enables you to connect to important points of presence such as carrier hotels, data centres, cable landing stations, mobile switching centres and cable headends. In addition, CPN offers you a selection of routes for transferring traffic:

  • International connectivity (core backbone): CPN enables NNI traffic transfer between different service providers, helping to reduce the cost of international connectivity. You also have the option to connect an Internet exchange to local data centres which have content and applications that reduce the need for international connectivity.
  • Metropolitan connectivity (middle mile): If you want to provision services in South Africa only, CPN gives you connectivity options within defined metropolitan regions.
  • Local connectivity (last mile): Interconnect user network interfaces directly to defined broadband tail type services in local areas.

With multiple broadband access options, you can develop innovative, quality solutions that meet just about any requirements, from connecting your own points of presence or enabling large, multinational enterprises to providing bespoke services to clients in a particular region or even neighbourhood.

Improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Make more efficient use of bandwidth with increased reliability and carry more bandwidth with fewer network elements on a custom-built network solution that is easier to scale, has a guaranteed class of service, and is easier to operate than other network solutions. A choice of network speeds also enables you to right-size your network more effectively.

High availability and 24/7 support

24/7 support

99% service availability guarentee

CPN comes with a standard, best-effort 99% service availability guarantee on the Internet Solutions network. We have a range of monitoring tools specifically designed to keep track of fault notifications and ensure maximum availability, 24/7.

In addition to our technical expertise and support, we have extensive project management experience and can consult with you on how to derive the greatest benefit from your solution.