Just as our physical landscape is linked by highways and sideroads, we need digital networks to communicate online.

Without transit – the flow of traffic between networks – there would be no Internet. And without peering partnerships enabling user connectivity and access to content providers, Internet service providers (ISPs) would have no service to offer.

Wholesale IP Transit is designed for ISPs looking for local or international bandwidth (or both) to route traffic from their networks to other networks. Our extensive carrier-grade infrastructure and access to content providers allows them to offer fast Internet access, worldwide.

Delivering the performance users demand

Dedicated capacity and guaranteed service levels

Leverage our expansive connectivity footprint

The increasing volumes of daily Internet traffic means customers need – and expect – uninterrupted connectivity that provides a consistent end user experience, no matter where they are or what they are doing online. Our expansive connectivity footprint offers the pervasive Internet access that today’s users demand, at the performance levels they require.

Whether it’s local bandwidth or international bandwidth you need, Wholesale IP Transit is a service designed for ISPs who have specific requirements to route traffic from their networks to other networks. Thanks to our extensive carrier-grade infrastructure we can offer peering partnerships and access to content providers that allow ISPs to offer reliable, fast Internet access services to their clients, anywhere in the world.

Adapt to any connectivity needs

As bandwidth needs change, so does our Wholesale IP Transit service. It can adapt to any connectivity needs allowing the freedom and confidence to pursue business growth without having to worry about the network’s ability to keep pace.

The service offering is designed to cater for increasing volumes of data. As the business grows and becomes more complex, our extensive carrier-grade infrastructure, peering partnerships and access to content providers allows for increased usage of advanced technology and tools without compromising on performance. This enables productivity, innovation and competitiveness for organisations by enjoying the benefits of using advanced, bandwidth-intensive applications, cloud services and converged communication tools.

Dedicated bandwidth for local and international peering

Choose the best-suited bandwidth and Internet transit services

A reliable service for ISPs of any size

Wholesale IP Transit is ideal for smaller service providers that need to connect users to the Internet. With this solution, they’re able to set up immediately using our extensive local infrastructure, peering capacities, content providers such as Facebook, Google and Akamai, and multiple undersea cable networks that offer high levels of resiliency.

Larger service providers can also benefit from our vast IP Transit offering by leveraging our existing infrastructure to further expand their network and meet the constantly increasing connectivity needs of a growing customer base.

You can choose which service you wish to connect to: local only, international only, or both local and international. No matter which option you decide on, Wholesale IP Transit will have you up and running in no time so that you can keep your customers connected, 24/7.

Symmetrical services that support increasing data volumes

The more businesses grow, the more sophisticated the nature of their technology and communications tools becomes. These advanced tools usually require more bandwidth which can put a lot of strain on a network, leading to slow connections and inaccessible applications.

Wholesale IP Transit enables you to support clients that need to cater for increasing volumes of data as their businesses grow and become more complex, without compromising on performance.

Dedicated capacity and guaranteed service levels ensure speed, reliability and availability, so the sophisticated and critical applications your clients use will always have bandwidth. In addition, Wholesale IP Transit is a symmetrical service, so users get the same experience whether they’re uploading or downloading content.

Simple, reliable and scalable

A cost-effective that is quick to set up

Expert support at your fingertips

The beauty of Wholesale IP Transit lies in its simplicity: you choose the bandwidth and transit services you need, and we do the rest. It can adapt to your business growth – quickly and hassle-free – and our support experts are available 24/7 to make sure you can stay connected, no matter what.

Wholesale IP Transit is provisioned over our fully redundant local network, and is backed by our commitment to achieving optimal service levels. We use multiple undersea fibre optic cable systems for the international network ensuring that you will continue to receive a service if individual cables break.

Save on infrastructure and peering costs

Our Wholesale IP Transit solution offers dedicated bandwidth for Internet traffic destined for both local networks and international networks. Economies of scale cater for higher bandwidth levels so that the network quality and speed can match consumer demand.

Simple, fast and reliable, it provides ISPs with a guaranteed and secure way to provide Internet services to their clients without incurring the costs of major infrastructure and peering investments. And to make budgeting easier, we bill you a flat rate for the service you use.

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