The local broadband market has seen exponential growth in the number of service providers and resellers out there.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes are tapping into this sector – to remain relevant, you need a broadband solution to match both your organisation’s current needs and future growth.

Wholesale Managed Broadband is a service that can help Internet service providers (ISPs) to trade competitively in the local market, regardless of their size or scale. Whether you need Fibre, DSL, LTE, 3G, WiFi or any combination of these, you’ll have access to one of the most diverse product ranges, across the most networks, with competitive usage-based or per-service pricing structures.

Benefit from our network advantage

Enhance your competitive advantage

Our network is your network

We know how important it is to set up and manage services quickly and safely, and that’s exactly what you’re able to do with Wholesale Managed Broadband. You can easily provision IS-authenticated services from our web-based portal, which gives you immediate access to broadband services for both your business and consumer customers.

Our Wholesale Managed Broadband solution offers:

  • Three fully redundant IP-connect (IPC) nodes
  • Three redundant international routes
  • Over 14 network-to-network interfaces (NNIs) to fibre last-mile providers, making the service broadband-ready by allowing for services to work on any established partner network
  • Unique access to four mobile networks

With Wholesale Managed Broadband, our network is your network – you immediately benefit from the relationships we’ve built with the country’s leading GSM, WiFi, DSL and Fibre network providers.

Business-boosting key features

With our Wholesale Managed Broadband packages, you benefit from several key features to help boost your business and support its growth. Five static IPs are offered with selected services and all services can be plug-and-play if they comply with our router requirements. You benefit from using a single integrated provisioning interface while per-service or usage based billing make budgeting a breeze. For larger clients, contention ratio services offer a dedicated allocation of bandwidth for exclusive use for your subscribers.

Broadband packages, ready to provision

Select the option that works for your business

A range of capped and uncapped services

We offer a choice of capped and uncapped consumer and business packages that you can white-label, or combine into a unique offering for your market. You can choose to simply brand existing packages, or build your own unique products from the packages available. There are three Wholesale Managed Broadband packages to choose from:

Consumer Broadband

Here you have a choice between capped and uncapped services. Capped services function on most networks, perform at the maximum line speed and are fully managed by us. You can also select a static IP as a value-added service. We offer three different capped options:

  • Hard capped: up to 700 GB
  • Single Session: 50 GB to 2 TB; service cannot be shared and supports only a single log-in
  • Multi Session: 50 GB to 2 TB; allows for up to 10 concurrent sessions on a single data bundle

Our uncapped services offer line speeds up to 4, 10, 20, 40 and 100 Mbps, subject to a simple, automated fair usage policy.

There are two uncapped options to choose from:

  • @work: runs over a 5-day rolling period based on usage
  • @home: runs over a 10-day rolling period

Business Broadband

We offer two services for Business Broadband. Extreme Capped services are fully managed by us and function on most networks. This service helps keep tight control of your broadband utilisation. Our top-up option offers a rollover capability (up to six months). You decide on a specific threshold and once that threshold is reached, users will be rate limited to 128 Kbps until you top-up or until month-end

We also offer Cruiser Uncapped with line speeds up to 4, 10, 20, 40 and 100 Mbps. This is an unshaped service and you can choose between Standard, Lite and Gold class options.


1Account is a broadband service that takes away administrative (and cost) complexity by offering users a single service that works across any of our associated networks. Instead, you can offer subscribers a range of options for connecting to the Internet – Fibre, ADSL, 3G, Wi-Fi and even LTE – in any combination of packages.

Controlled cost and reliable support

Select the billing option that meets your requirements

Broadband pricing to suit your budget

Whether you want to pay for a comprehensive broadband package or pay for individual services, we offer two billing options to suit your budget-planning needs:

  • Per-GB billing: We bill you for the total bandwidth used by your organisation, across all package types.
  • Per-account billing: We bill you for each service provisioned through Wholesale Managed Broadband

This gives you the freedom to pursue business growth and increase your broadband capabilities without risking any costs getting out of hand.

Our billing options can support organisations of any size and are designed to meet the unique and varied needs of each one.

Expert support all-year-round

Our expert engineers are ready assist, 24/7, so your network connectivity never skips a beat. We also offer additional support and services to ensure the seamless integration and operation of our broadband network into your organisation.

From indoor routers for GSM, Fibre and DSL that can be delivered to your door, to registering network realms on your behalf (subject to availability): we will take care of the support you need so that you can focus on your customers.

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