Delivering voice interconnects over the Internet can lead to a poor quality of service and a lot of unhappy customers.

Having a separate, carrier-grade network is one way to overcome this, but not all aggregators can invest in building their own switching networks – an investment that takes time to yield bottom-line results.

Wholesale PBX offers access to a carrier-grade network and platform that delivers exceptional quality to your customers and real value to your business. Whether you’re an established player or a new entrant that’s waiting for licences and numbers, you can contain costs and maximise margins with our Wholesale Voice services.

Contain costs and maximise margins

Maximum quality and guaranteed control

Outsource your infrastructure and components to us

Fixed-line voice is not as commoditised as many are led to believe. It’s a significant market, and an increase in voice services across all market segments means there are opportunities for aggregators to gain a portion of market share.

To achieve this, our Wholesale partners don’t have to invest in building a switching platform, network or establishing direct interconnects in order to take their services to market. By leveraging our carrier-grade platform and network, they enjoy all the advantages of a network that comes with security, redundancy and high availability, and is managed and supported by industry experts. By outsourcing the platform, network and infrastructure components of the business to us, our Wholesale partners can reduce costs and improve profit margins.

Benefit from our diverse and resilient network

Whichever one of our service options (Voice Transit or Wholesale Channel Partner) you select, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you can benefit from the investment we’ve made – and continue to make – in our tier 1 carrier-grade platform. Our network is secure, resilient and reliable and we have direct interconnects to all major fixed line and mobile operators. We also carry over 80 million minutes per month (inbound and outbound) for our Clients and Partners

Our service is carried over the PortaOne platform, with G729 as the preferred codec. To enable this service, we establish a cross-connect, either at one of our points of interconnect (PoI) or through a dedicated managed link from the aggregator to an Internet Solutions point of presence (PoP).

One platform, two service options

Select the service option that meets your requirements

A solution for aggregators of any size and traffic profile

The Wholesale Voice service is available in two models: Voice Transit and Wholesale Channel Partner. It enables the efficient and reliable transmission of traffic services for aggregators of any size and traffic profile.

Wholesale Voice for Transit Partners

This service is for aggregators that have an Electronic Communications Network Service (ECNS) or Electronic Communications Services (ECS) licence and numbers issued to them by ICASA, but do not have their own direct interconnects.

Transit Partners that have an existing client base or are new entrants to the market don’t have to establish their own direct interconnects. Instead they can use our extensive network and direct interconnect agreements to transit their voice traffic. A fixed transit fee is charged for this service.

Wholesale Voice for Channel Partners

This service is provided as an online application that makes the full range of Wholesale PBX products and services available to qualified partners at wholesale prices. It is aimed at aggregators that don’t have an ECNS or ECS licence or numbers issued to them by ICASA.

Usually, these aggregators have no network infrastructure of their own, so they leverage our entire network. They also have access to our managed centralised billing and provisioning platform, which enables them to manage their user accounts independently. There is no per minute transit fee for this service. Instead, clients benefit from volume-based tiered pricing.

Channel Partners that are not yet established but wish to enter the voice market don’t have to wait to obtain licences or numbers. They are allocated automated 087 and geographical numbers and are able to set their own retail rates according to destination and/or global margin allocations. The PortaOne platform makes it easy to create, manage and bill their customers.

End-to-end support and competitive rates

Enjoy seamless integration and a faster lead time to market

We manage the infrastructure, you manage your customers

The Wholesale Voice service is strictly between us and our Wholesale partners. We take care of managing and maintaining the network to the standards you expect, and we never engage directly with your customers.

All our partners benefit from the following:

  • The use of a carrier-grade network built to support security, redundancy and high availability
  • Support for local, national, and international dial plans
  • Direct interconnects with all major fixed line and mobile operators and most other licensed operators
  • Seamless integration with Wholesale partners’ equipment and PBXs
  • Full end-to-end support for and facilitation of geographic number portability
  • Monitoring of usage
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Monthly inbound and outbound usage reports

Our Wholesale Voice service empowers aggregators with a faster lead time to market and direct interconnects with all fixed line and mobile operators. Our secure, stable and reliable network also offers access to resources who provide 24/7 support and are experts in PBX, VoIP and business telephone systems.

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