For carriers and service providers, connecting to international networks can be costly. Creating Internet exchange points, establishing points of presence and managing cross-border partnerships carry a hefty price tag.

With Wholesale VPN, you can provide network, Internet and communication services with a local and global reach to keep your customers connected.

The service is delivered over our meshed network, offering optimised traffic transfer, high levels of redundancy and excellent security – enabling you to aggregate and scale customer services faster.

Enjoy dedicated bandwidth and optimal traffic transfer

Sophisticated traffic routing techniques that benefit your business

MPLS with improved data flow

Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is an overlay protocol that manages and improves data flow within a wide area network (WAN). It adds a set of rules, or labels, to IP packets that classify the type of traffic and how it should be routed. Edge routers – positioned at the network’s edges – inspect these packets as they enter and leave the MPLS network, while inside the network, label switch routers scan and follow the instructions on each packet label.

It’s protocol-agnostic, which means different types of data can be given different priorities and classes of service over an enterprise WAN. For example, email and browsing may be labelled as having lower priority and quality than voice transmissions, multimedia, real-time transactions and mission-critical data, depending on your customers’ business needs. You can also allocate different percentages of your bandwidth to different types of data.

VPN connectivity over shared or dedicated networks

Our services run over a private, fibre-optic network that provides virtual private network (VPN) connectivity over shared or dedicated bearer networks. Our high-speed, resilient backbone ensures fast latency over our international, national and local wholesale VPN network, and supports connection speeds from 56 Kbps to 1 Gbps. Each VPN has its own routing and forwarding table in the router, so any customer or site that belongs to that VPN is provided access only to the set of routes contained within that table.

MPLS VPN runs on our infrastructure and offers different service options for local and global carriers of any size. It allows carriers and service providers to create a combination of site-to-site, hybrid and IP VPN connectivity. Our global network partnership (SEACOM, Telkom, WACS) creates a telco-agnostic and resilient network aggregation for carriers, ensuring your customers are always connected over just about any telecommunication network.

You can manage the service yourself or take up our managed service option and hand over the behind-the-scenes work to our specialist engineers.

Uninterrupted global connectivity

A fast and resilient enterprise network

Speed, performance and efficiency

The ability to aggregate and scale customer services, fast, can be a major differentiator for carriers and service providers. This is why MPLS VPN offers secure, resilient and scalable IP connectivity between business branches, anywhere in the world, over a single managed IP network. The fully meshed network design creates fast, efficient, highly reliable point-to-point connections on the network, without going through a central headquarters. It also allows for intelligent latency management, fast throughput and extremely low packet loss.

Full redundancy and maximum security

Our fully redundant network provides for guaranteed failover.

In the unfortunate – but unlikely – event of a network failure, we will automatically transfer you to a duplicate of the network.

Because MPLS VPN uses a private network, it’s not open to threats residing on the public Internet so you can provide a safe, secure connection to your customers. Each location connects to the Internet through the MPLS network and there is no local loop (last mile) connection to be compromised, as the Internet connection resides in a data centre on the MPLS backbone. Information sent over the network is encrypted in line with global security standards.

You can also set up label-addressing schemes to provide additional security and greater assurance for your customers. For example, you can prevent denial of service attacks or spoofing through IP, which can disrupt their day-to-day activities and cause serious loss of business continuity.

Fast provisioning, better budgeting

Fast provisioning and easy, self-service management

Fast provisioning and easy budgeting

Time is of the essence when it comes to establishing connections and securing points of presence for users across the globe. You need to react quickly, and efficiently, to ensure your customers can stay connected and enjoy a seamless user experience as their bandwidth usage increases. Just as importantly, you need to be able to cut down on bandwidth as and when you need to in order to streamline efficiencies. Our ClientZone self-service portal makes it easy for you to manage your MPLS VPN service, online. Here you can add or reduce bandwidth quickly and easily, and at a lower cost than private line networks.

MPLS VPN services are offered from month to month, so you’re not tied into long-term contracts. Costs are usually significantly lower than private line networks, with near-comparable quality. You provision and pay for the bandwidth you need until your requirements change.

Quality and class of service options

With MPLS VPN, you can guarantee true quality of service (QoS), as we are able to manage different service levels for different data types, according to our service level agreements with you. You can also manage class of service (CoS) to ensure that mission-critical data gets priority and other traffic is prioritised on data type.

We also give a range of options when it comes to:

  • Next-generation last mile services
  • Router management and support
  • Backup options
  • Service level agreements
  • Reporting and statistics

Our skilled engineers provide 24/7 support so that you can provide reliable connectivity to customers, with confidence.

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