Satellite connectivity offers a number of benefits, including ubiquitous coverage and the fast deployment of services. And for Internet service providers (ISPs), there’s an additional advantage.

Being able to land data traffic locally in South Africa, Nigeria and Mozambique means minimising latency to interconnection points in these countries. With Wholesale VSAT, you can use our existing teleport infrastructure to take your services to market in as short a time as possible.

We make a range of resources available to our wholesale clients and you won’t require teleport operating licences if you use our services.

Check VSAT Coverage

Provide quick, compliant and tailored services

Quick, widespread coverage for your customers

VSAT from Internet Solutions provides continent-wide reach, quick deployment times and extensive connectivity over a single platform. Internet Solutions currently has several thousand VSAT terminations, with teleports in South Africa, Mozambique, and Nigeria . By working directly with us to set up your VSAT platform, you can circumvent the deployment delays and hassle of working with third parties.

Keep it local (and compliant)

Regulatory and compliance requirements are a crucial part of any ISP’s operation and not adhering to these can cause serious business disruption and even reputational damage. By using our locally hosted teleport services, you don’t have to worry about contravening any regulatory requirements in those countries, for instance, military or banking regulations specifying that traffic cannot leave the country.

Tailored teleport services

Our teleport RF systems are designed to scale up easily, so we can offer options to upgrade your services as required. This enables you to offer a highly tailored VSAT product to your customers, and at competitive rates.

Our infrastructure, your business advantage

From fully managed to virtual connections

A range of options to meet your connectivity needs

We understand that our clients all have varied satellite connectivity needs; a one-size-fits-all approach will either not meet your requirements, or leave you paying for services you don’t want.

This is why we give you a choice of services to suit your needs. You can opt for a fully managed service, provide your own VSAT hub, antenna or radio frequency (RF) systems, or simply run as a virtual network operator (VNO) on our existing platform without having to supply any equipment.

VSAT managed service

Through our fully managed service, we supply and maintain everything you need to run your VSAT platform, including:

  • Teleport infrastructure: power; security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning; 24/7 monitoring and support; and redundant terrestrial connectivity
  • Antenna and radio frequency (RF) systems

This allows you to effectively run your own VSAT platform without having the large upfront investment in a teleport or the need for dedicated RF skills

Establish your own VSAT hub

You may choose to set up your own VSAT platform at lower costs than working through a third-party service provider. With this option, you can operate your own iDirect satellite hub, virtual hub or single channel per carrier (SCPC) modems in a hosted environment, using our uplink facilities and radio frequency (RF) systems.

Antenna co-location

You can also install your own antenna and RF systems if you need to access a satellite that we do not have an antenna on. In this instance, you can use our teleport infrastructure that is maintained to the highest standards. We also offer 24/7 monitoring and support which means you can always call on us if you need any assistance.

Teleport hosting, monitoring and support

Expert partners for your VSAT services

Full redundancy and round-the-clock support

Satellite connectivity opens a world of opportunities. However, without a reliable infrastructure and efficient systems in place, the satellite connectivity you offer customers can go from ingenius to irrelevant in no time.

To maintain our standards of service, our world-class teleport hosting infrastructure is managed using sophisticated monitoring and control systems. We ensure full redundancy on all systems and our expert technical staff are on call 24/7 to quickly resolve any issues that may affect the performance of the service.

Tap into our expert network

When it comes to VSAT, the service you provide to customers is only as strong as the supplier you partner with. This is why we pride ourselves on having extensive resources and skills in the niche areas of VSAT hub, teleport and network operations, so you don’t have to acquire your own.

In addition, we have built strong relationships with satellite operators and equipment vendors, enabling us to offer a world-class teleport facility, supported by a highly skilled technical team. We are able to use these relationships to ensure optimal support levels and pricing.

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