Your business can't afford to be without connectivity, but sometimes that's not possible simply because the fixed infrastructure isn't available.

If you're looking for a temporary Internet connectivity service while you're waiting for fibre to be installed in your area, moving offices, or hosting an event at an off-site location, a microwave wireless solution is ideal.

Wi-Band uses a microwave link to deliver fast, secure and reliable wireless connectivity within a particular zone. And because there are no cables involved, it doesn't take as long to set up as other connectivity services.

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Get your business connected, fast

Uninterrupted connectivity in your zone

Connect without the cabling

Wi-Band is the answer if you’re looking last-mile connectivity that can be installed easily and that offers the same levels of performance and security you expect from other wireless Internet services.

Because Wi-Band doesn’t require complex infrastructure, it can be set up in a fraction of the time it would take to install a fibre service.

You’ll have uninterrupted, high-speed wireless connectivity that enables users to connect quickly and easily to business applications and information on any device, anywhere in the Wi-Band zone.

The zone could cover anything from different buildings in the same area to exhibition halls and conference rooms.

An alternative link for backup or redundancy

It makes financial and business sense to use microwave wireless Internet as a backup or redundant link for terrestrial solutions such as copper or fibre.

Wi-Band is faster to install than fibre and copper, and offers fast, reliable connectivity to important applications. The infrastructure is not susceptible to the same risks, and can cope with high volumes of traffic without compromising on performance.

Bandwidth options on our licensed spectrum

Last mile connectivity when and where you need it

Microwave communication link over Internet Solutions spectrum

A microwave link uses radio waves to transmit data between locations, the same technology that’s used for TV and radio broadcasting and cell phone calls. Because it’s a broadband link, it can transmit large volumes of data at a high speed. It can also be used just about anywhere, as long as there are no obstacles between the sites it’s connecting, and the distance covered is within operating range.

Wi-Band connectivity is delivered on Internet Solutions’ licensed spectrum, or radio frequency. No other operators are able to transmit over that spectrum, which means there’s no crowding or interference. This makes Wi-Band a reliable and secure connectivity option.

Fast and easy installation, minimal infrastructure

Wi-Band requires very little physical infrastructure and there’s hardly any cabling involved in setting it up, so it can take just a couple of weeks to have a full service installed.

Very simply put, connectivity takes place between one of our base stations, which is installed at a high site such as the roof of a building, and a microwave antenna, which we install at the site where you want connectivity.

The antenna is attached to another unit, installed inside the premises, which links to a wireless backbone, such as fibre, which ultimately connects you to our network.

Wi-Band packages and bandwidth options

Wi-Band offers two connectivity packages, each of which guarantees 99% availability.

Wi-Band Standard provides point-to-multipoint connectivity. This means you share the Internet Solutions base station with other users of the service, but still have your own, dedicated antenna at your site. This package offers bandwidth speeds of between 256 kbps – 10 Mbps.

Wi-Band Xtend provides point-to-point connectivity. With this package, you have exclusive use of the base station as well as your own, dedicated antenna on site. Bandwidth speeds on this package are between 1 Mbps and 200 Mbps.

You can increase bandwidth as you need to without requiring additional infrastructure – just let us know, and we’ll arrange this for you.

No Maintenance Required (By You)

A cost-effective connectivity solution

Quick installation and easy monitoring

Wi-Band is very easy to install. All you need to do is get permission to install the equipment on the building, and make sure there is power and space to install the indoor equipment, and internal and external earthing. We then install and connect all the equipment needed for the Wi-Band service.

We make it easy for you to manage the growing demand for high-speed bandwidth with a fully managed service for design, configuration, support, change management and reporting.

Enjoy more cost savings

Because you pay a fixed cost for the connectivity link, budgeting and cost management are a whole lot easier. We offer flexible payment terms: the minimum contract period is 12 months, however, we also offer clients temporary terms for unforeseen instances, like when they are waiting for fibre, or for events like conferences.

And with a choice of packages, you can increase your bandwidth whenever you need to, just as quickly and just as easily, without having to invest in additional infrastructure.

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